Benefits of Double Glazing

Ideal for renovations or new homes

100% waterproof and weather resistant

Our double glazed windows are perfect for use in homes located close to the sea. If your home is exposed to strong wind, heavy rain and salty air – then PVC-U windows are the best solution.

Double glazed

Europeans have been enjoying the benefits of double glazing – now it is Australia’s turn. Double glazing means you will enjoy a more comfortable home environment – due to the thermal effects. Your home will be cooler in summer, and warmer in winter.

Save on your energy bills – 100% draft proof

Not only will your new double glazed windows help lower your heating and cooling costs, they are also 100% draft proof.

Reduces noise and 100% UV resistant

Thermal insulation is a given, but reducing outside noise is one of the added benefits of double glazed windows. A layer of air in between helps absorb outside noises and can achieve a noise reduction of up to 70%, once the new windows are installed.

Rot, warp, corrosion and termite proof

The benefits of using PVC-U windows are obvious. They will last and maintain a great condition and are very low maintenance…no more painting! In tropical climates, the added security of knowing your window frames will be termite-proof is reassuring.

High security locking windows and doors

Safe, secure, superior and stylish!
Achieve effective protection from break-ins with our secure windows that are impact resistant and have hi-tech locking systems.


  • Double glazed
  • 100% draft proof
  • High security locking windows and doors
  • Save on your energy bills
  • Galvanised steel re-enforced
  • Reduces noise
  • 100% UV resistant
  • Rot, warp, corrosion
    and termite proof
  • Low Maintenance
  • Manufactured locally
  • Ideal for renovations
    or new home
  • Safe, secure, superior 
    and stylish! 

Solutions to your window problems!

Noisy Street  with heavy traffic.
Client wanted a reduction in traffic noises in her home.

We installed 3 windows to all windows along the front of the house to ensure the noise levels were reduced. Even with several noisy cars passing, the traffic noise is almost completely muted.


 “We love close to a busy street so wanted something that would block the noise and allow us to enjoy our home. We had the front of the house done, and were so happy we had the rest of the windows replaced with double glazed windows too. Feel free to drop by and take a look, we wont hear you driving past!”


House situated near a busy roundabout.

Replace old windows with double glazed windows to improve sound proofing.


“I own a glass company, and even I can see the of double glazing. I had trouble sleeping with the noise coming from traffic on the roundabout, but now I can barely hear the leaves rustle on the trees outside. It is brilliant!”
Tony Cronshaw, Rockingham DBM Glass.


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